About Us

The Local SEO company, founded by Nicolae Juravschi in 2016, represents a leader in the SEO industry in Moldova, with over 10 years of experience. We are dedicated to offering a wide range of services, starting from Google Business verification for store networks, gas stations, ATMs, pharmacies... We have our own API application that allows us to control over 1000 locations in Google Business in Moldova. Basically, we specialize in all essential aspects of Google Business and Google Maps for distribution networks in Moldova.

What is the first thing you do when you want to buy something or order a service?

Open Google!

An indisputable fact of modernity: we live in two worlds in parallel - real and virtual. They are closely intertwined and can no longer exist one without the other. Now people get to real places by first "passing" on them on the Internet. The virtual world has now become a kind of filter on the way to the real one. You are looking for a product or service and, first of all, open Google and enter your query into the search engine. These are the rules of modern life and ... modern business. It is on the Internet that you decide where to buy the right product, where to order the necessary service, from which tour agency you will purchase vouchers and in which restaurant you will celebrate your anniversary. The winner is the one who occupies top positions in Google!

Local SEO – it is the presence of your business and its ranking in the virtual world, on online maps.

Google  - the most popular search engine in the world. The absolute majority of the inhabitants of the Republic of Moldova also use the Google search engine (1.7 million active users). Most current and potential customers  of any company looking for information about it in Google – its products and services.

Google Maps – is a mapping service that currently surpasses all other online maps with hundreds of millions of users. You can and should use its huge popularity in your business interests.

Google knows where its users are, where they visit most often, what they are interested in, what they buy and what services they use... When we make a request to Google, TOP 3 results for our query and a Google Maps window that takes up most of the screen. Getting into this kind of search results is a natural priority for any business and the main goal of local SEO. The only way to achieve this goal – be on Google Maps and competently promote your locations.

[An example of what it looks like on a phone and on a computer]

We suggest using this tool to maximize market coverage, which will also affect customer loyalty, increase the level of service and the image of a company that cares about its customers.

The Google Maps search engine has already reached a very high level in its development. In the future, further growth of public interest in this service, which is free for users, is expected. Developed countries and big cities – good example. There, most people can no longer imagine life without using Google Maps to search for goods and services, and presence of companies on online maps – a matter of course for any kind of activity. If you are not in the virtual space, you are unlikely to be searched for in the real one.