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SEO consulting services

The service is intended for the marketing department. This is an intensive SEO course prepared in advance and individually for companies, based on the specifics of the industry and the specific needs of the client.

Module Theme Description
1 Introduction What is SEO and why is it needed. How search engines work. Types of SEO (SEO site, YouTube, Marketplace, SEO Keywords and Concepts.
2 Key element Keyword research and selection. Optimization of headers and meta tags. Content and its role in SEO. Structured data and markup.
3 Technical SEO Site loading speed. Mobile optimization. Internal reference structure. Creating a site map and submitting it in search engines. File Robost.txt . Micro markup. Drafting technical specifications for SEO, copywriters and administrators.
4 Reference profile The importance of external links for SEO. Analysis of the reference profile. Search and attract high-quality links.
5 Monitoring and analytics Tools (software) for SEO analysis and monitoring. Competitor analysis.
6 Local SEO Local ranking factors in search engines. Creating and optimizing a profile on Google My Business. Optimization of local site pages.
7 SEO strategy and planning Development and implementation of SEO strategy. Planning and launching SEO campaigns. Methods of management and optimization of SEO projects. Using AI in SEO.
8 Conclusion Questions and answers of the participants. Conclusions

Duration: 2 days, 3 hours a day.

Venue - Tekwill

Cost – 450 euros incl. VAT

What is SEO consulting

SEO consultation
Expert recommendations for business in the field of search engine promotion.
What is the value of such recommendations? After all, the profession of an optimizer is not taught in universities, and the Internet is full of checklists and recommendations for SEO in the public domain. The fact is that SEO patterns change very quickly. Knowledge gained a year ago may not be relevant today. In addition, promotion features are individual for each niche.
Therefore, only a full-time practitioner with experience in promoting in many niches can provide expert advice on SEO. It can be especially useful to consult an optimizer who has experience working with projects similar to yours.

What is included in the concept of SEO consulting

Consultations on search promotion are not a list of some secret SEO recommendations known only to the most experienced of optimizers. This is a formed plan for the promotion of a resource based on its individual characteristics.
To create such a plan, an SEO specialist carefully studies the features of the site itself, its target audience, as well as competitors. It is the ability to accurately identify the key growth points of Internet resources of various types and topics that makes the optimizer a professional. At the moment, a marketer can carry out such actions with the help of certain software, which we will talk about at the consultation.

Seo consultation included

  1. Keyword and phrase analysis. Our experts will help you identify the most relevant keywords and phrases for your business.
  2. Content analysis. We will conduct a full analysis of your content to determine how it matches your keywords and phrases, and offer you a content optimization plan.
  3. Analysis of technical aspects. We will audit your site to make sure that it meets the modern requirements of search engines. We will pay attention to aspects such as loading speed, mobile optimization and other technical parameters.
  4. Analysis of a link profile. We'll analyze your links to determine how relevant they are to your business and come up with a strategy to improve your link profile.
  5. Developing a strategy. Our seo experts will help you develop a strategy to improve your site in search engines that will meet your business goals.

Seo consulting is an important part of any online business. Our seo experts will help you achieve better search engine results and increase your traffic and conversions.

Seo consultation with a specialist

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